Freshman Programs

  • Are you looking for an informal study group?
  • Do you want extra attention from a faculty member so you can excel?
  • Would you like to meet students who share similar interests?
  • Are you simply searching for a support network to help you through your first year of college life?

Then consider these options …

Learning Communities (LCs)
These communities comprise selected freshmen and faculty who share academic interests and want to benefit socially and academically by living and learning together—whether it means participating in field trips or sharing meals. The 2016–17 communities will revolve around these themes:

  • Media, Art, & Activism
  • Leadership
  • Psychology & Social Justice
  • Climate Change, Biodiversity, & Society

First-Year Interest Groups (FIGs)
Like our learning communities, FIGS are designed around a specific academic interest, but students are not required to live together on campus—and that makes this ideal for commuter students. FIGs are offered in almost every academic area. Based on a student’s academic interest, he or she will choose a FIG during summer advising and registration. The 2016-2017 FIGs are:

Open to All Students

  • Art History
  • Economics
  • Environment, Society, & Transformation
  • History
  • Latin American Studies
  • Literature
  • Mathematics/Computer Science
  • Philosophy
  • Political Science
  • Psychology - The Developing Child
  • Service Learning
  • Sociology

Open to Majors Only:

  • Arts Management
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Cinema Studies
  • Creative Writing
  • Media, Society, and the Arts
  • New Media
  • Playwriting and Screenwriting
  • Theatre and Performance

Call or email the Advising Center:
(914) 251-3990

What Our Students Say

"As a freshman who had a pretty difficult time adjusting to college life, being in such a supportive group helped immensely. Also, having your professor living right on campus with you makes you feel like you have someone in your corner."
- Randi Misterka, Drama Studies

"Although I was hesitant to be in a learning community, it has nothing but benefits. It has greatly enhanced my college experience both socially and academically. It has allowed all of us to bond and grow so much more. My experience has been nothing but positive."
- Paul Dreschsler-Martell, Cinema Studies

"My time in the learning community has helped me immensely during my time here at Purchase College. Because I was in a number of classes with the people in my hall, any time I missed class or began to fall behind, I simply had to talk to someone who “knew” me, someone I would feel comfortable talking to, to get help. I recommend a learning community to anyone."
- Raymond T. Brown, History