Film Students Win Grand Jury Prize at the Lake Placid Film Festival

Made as part of the 2010 Lake Placid Film Festival’s 24-Hour Filmmaking Competition, “Sleepless in Lake Placid,” the Purchase College student entry, Purity of Image, won the Grand Jury Prize (The Robin Pell Award), and Scott Danni won the Male Acting Award.

Purity of Image stars Scott Danni and Laura Hyler and features Kristin Finn and Joel Neville Anderson. It was written by Shane Sheehy and Caleb Foss, produced by Jonathan Robertson, and directed by Caleb Foss.

Cinematography: Darcie Wilder
Original score: Michael Hart
Purchase College Safety Squad advisor: Joel Neville Anderson

Acting alum Parker Posey’s film (“Broken English,” directed by Zoe Cassevettes) played earlier the same evening, followed by a Q&A.

Faculty advisor Joel Neville Anderson, who is also a graduate of the Film Program, led our team of sophomore film majors, the youngest in the competition.


Purity of Image from darcie wilder on Vimeo.