School of Film and Media Studies

The School of Film and Media Studies integrates production and critique of the media that shape contemporary life. The programs that comprise the School of Film and Media Studies offer studies in new media, video art, and production training in filmmaking in a shared core curriculum. Highlighting the growing convergence of media, these majors offer rigorous and forward-looking programs that provide students with the professional and critical tools to engage their desired fields of work or study.

BFA Program
The BFA program in film teaches students to become multi-skilled filmmakers in fiction, documentary, or experimental film. This major offers training in film history, cinematography, editing, production, scriptwriting, and film analysis, with a primary emphasis on directing.

BA Programs
Most students in the School of Film and Media Studies are enrolled in one of the multidisciplinary BA-granting programs. The programs in cinema studies, media, society, and the arts, and new media teach students to engage media critically and creatively in order to address media as cultural, political, and aesthetic forces. Students learn to analyze media as forms of art and industry and to use media technologies as research tools to intervene in an increasingly mediated world. In playwriting and screenwriting, students learn to write for both the stage and the screen. The curriculum also helps students to develop a sophisticated eye and gain a deeper understanding of the art and craft involved in making theatre and film.

All students majoring in a discipline in the School of Film and Media Studies share core coursework and integrate their own interest in a particular form of art or media with studies in the social sciences or humanities.

Agustin Zarzosa, Chair
Music Building, Room 0062
Tel. (914) 251-6860


The film internship program is supported, in part, by a grant from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Find out more in our intern brochure.

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