Kathleen McCormick.jpgKathleen McCormick, Ph. D.

Professor of Literature and Pedagogy,
School of Humanities

Office: Humanities Building, Room 2022

Tel: (914) 251-7997

Fax: (914) 251-6559

Email: kathleen.mccormick@purchase.edu

Prof. Kathleen McCormick is Professor of Literature and Culture in the School of Humanities and former Director of the College Writing Program. Her interests include: the study and teaching of college-level reading and writing, for which she has won a number of awards; personal essay writing, particularly memoir; literary and cultural studies, focusing on the changing historical contexts in which literary texts are written and read; James Joyce; and Italian-American literature, film, and popular culture. She is the author of a number of books on these subjects. Most recently, she has begun to publish many personal essays on growing up as an Irish-Italian American.

B.A., Summa Cum Laude, 1976, Boston College
M.A., 1978, University of Connecticut
Ph.D., 1984, University of Connecticut

Purchase College: Professor of Literature and Pedagogy, Fall 2000-present; Director of College Writing, Fall 2000-Spring 2007; Head of Expository Writing Board of Study, 2003-2007

University of Hartford: Professor, Department of Rhetoric, Language, and Culture, 1992-2000; Director of Reading and Writing, 1994-2000; Department Chair, 1998-2000

Carnegie Mellon: Associate Professor of Literary and Cultural Studies, Department of English, 1988-1992 (Assistant Professor 1984-88); Director of Reading, 1984-1990

Areas of Expertise
Theories of writing, reading, and teaching; literary and cultural studies; James Joyce and literary modernism; personal essay writing

Selected Honors and Awards
“Barfing in the First Grade,” nominated for inclusion in Norton Best Creative Nonfiction Anthology, 2007

Outstanding Faculty Contribution to the Quality of Student Life, Purchase College, 2004

Harry Jack Gray Distinguished Teaching Humanist Chair, University of Hartford, 2000 (declined)

University of Hartford Bent Creativity Award, 1998

Writing Program Administrators Association Research Grant, 1997

American Association of University Administrators Leadership Award, 1995, team member

Modern Language Association Mina Shaughnessy Award for The Culture of Reading and the Teaching of English: outstanding research publication in the field of teaching English language and literature, 1995
MLA representative, English Coalition on the Future of English, 1987

Phi Beta Kappa, 1975

Courses Taught
Media and Literature Learning Community Director, Purchase College Faculty Member in Residence; College Writing; Teaching Good Prose; The Personal Essay; Cultural Studies; James Joyce; Critical Literacy; Production and Reception of the Modern Novel; Connecticut Writing Project Advanced Summer Institute, 1999; National Council of Teachers of English Summer Institute, 1999.

Books Authored and Edited

Why is God in Daddy’s Slippers?, in progress.

(Co-edited) Teaching Italian American Literature, Film, and Popular Culture. Modern Language Association, in press, 2008

(Co-edited) Reading Our Histories, Understanding Our Cultures. 1999. 2e  Longman, 2003

The Culture of Reading and the Teaching of English. Manchester UP and St. Martin’s, 1994

(Co-edited) Approaches to Teaching Joyce’s “Ulysses.”  MLA, 1993

Ulysses, “Wandering Rocks,” and the Reader: Multiple Pleasures in Reading. Edwin Mellen, 1991

(Co-authored) Reading to Write: Exploring a Cognitive and Social Process. Oxford, 1990

(Co-edited) The Lexington Introduction to Literature, D.C. Heath, 1986
(Co-authored) Reading Texts, D.C. Heath, 1987

Selected Essays
Creative Nonfiction

“Holy Cards,” Rock & Sling, in press

“At the Kitchen Window.” Zone 3
“Practice Boyfriend.” The Rambler
“First Kiss, with Only Shakespeare to Protect Me.” The Dirty Goat 16 and North  Atlantic Review, in press

“Why Did Sister Veronica Really Call?” Stringtown, and Pig Iron Press, in press
“Santa Anna and the Sewer Creatures.” Willow Review
“Barfing in the First Grade.” Poemmemoirstory

“Front Window or The Case Of Bones and Bone China.” Compass Rose
“Porridge.” Lullwater Review
“Bishop O’Brien’s Child’s Guide to Avoiding Temptation and the Miracle of Sylvia DiStephano’s Rosary.” Italian Americana 
“Assignment 13: Compare And Contrast Two of Your Relatives.” Northwest Review

“Aunt Alice in Wonderland: Lace Curtains and Butterfly Buns.” RE:AL: The Journal of Liberal Arts
“Staten Island Ladies of Cootras.” Fugue
“Why is God in Daddy’s Slippers?” South Carolina Review

Selected Articles and Contributions to Volumes

"Do You Believe in Magic: Collaboration and the Demystification of Research.” In Sullivan (ed.) What is “College-Level” Writing?, National Council of  Teachers of English

“Pedagogical Possibilities: The Needs and Benefits of Working at Teaching-Oriented Institutions.” ADE Bulletin; reprinted in Profession 2003

“Closer than Close Reading: Historical Analysis, Cultural Analysis and Symptomatic Reading in the Undergraduate Classroom.” In Helmers (ed.), Intertexts: Reading Pedagogy in College Writing Classrooms. Lawrence Earlbaum

(Co-authored) “Developing a Professional and Technical Writing Major that Integrates Composition Theory, Literacy Theory, and Cultural Studies.” In Shamoon and Howard (eds.) Coming of Age. Boynton Cook
1996 “Reading Lessons and Then Some: Toward Developing Dialogues Between Critical Theory and Reading Theory.” In Slevin and Young (eds.) Critical Theory and the Teaching of Literature: Politics, Curriculum, Pedagogy. National Council of Teachers of English

“Translating Theory Into Practice: Toward Developing Critically Literate Readings of Literary Texts.” Association of Departments of English Bulletin

“Determination/Agency, Critique/Legitimation: Difference and Dialogue in Classroom Practice or What’s Left When the Lefter-Than-Thou-Speak Stops?” College Literature

“On a topic of your own choosing and with a clear personal position, use at least seven unbiased, accurate, and authoritative sources to write a balanced and objective paper that gives a complete picture of the subject you are investigating.” In Clifford and Schilb (eds) Critical Theory and Writing Theory. Modern Language Association

“Reproducing Molly Bloom: A Revisionist History of the Reception of ‘Penelope’.” In Pearce (ed.) Molly Blooms: A Polylogue on “Penelope” and Cultural Studies. U Wisconsin P

“Reading Ulysses within the History of its Production and Reception.” In Approaches to Teaching Joyce’s  “Ulysses.” MLA

“Always Already Theorists: Literary Theory in the Undergraduate Curriculum.” In Kecht (ed.)  Pedagogy is Politics—Literary Theory and the Teaching of Literature. Illinois UP

“‘Just a Flash Like That’: The Pleasure of ‘Cruising’ the Interpolations in Wandering Rocks.” James Joyce Quarterly

“Theory in the Reader: Bleich, Holland, and Beyond.” College English
“Swimming Upstream With Stanley Fish.” The Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism

Selected Reviews
Paola Corso, Giovanva’s  86 Circles. Italian Americana

Louise DeSalvo, Crazy in the Kitchen.  Italian Americana

Mary Saracino, Voices of the Soft-Bellied Warrior.  Italian Americana

Edvige Giunta, Writing with an Accent: Contemporary Italian American Women Authors. MELUS: The Journal of the Society for the Study of the Multi-Ethnic Literature of the United States

“Altered States:  A Review of Michael Berube’s The Employment of English, Robert Scholes’ The Rise and Fall of English, and Alvin Kernan, Ed., What’s Happened to the Humanities.” College Literature