Courses That Fulfill Core Curriculum Requirements

Approved undergraduate courses in each core curriculum category are offered in a variety of disciplines and levels. To find courses that fulfill a particular core curriculum requirement, students can:

  1. use the myHeliotrope course search each semester, including winter session and summer session, at
  2. refer to Undergraduate Credit Courses for current or upcoming courses offered by School of Liberal Studies & Continuing Education in the winter and summer sessions
  3. consult their faculty advisor, the chair or director of their school or conservatory, the Advising Center, or the registrar
  4. refer to SUNY’s General Education Dashboards, which include Purchase core curriculum courses that satisfy SUNY general education requirements.

Please note:

  1. An independent study or tutorial cannot be used to fulfill a core curriculum requirement.
  2. A grade of D is acceptable in a course used to fulfill a core curriculum requirement.
  3. A course used to fulfill a core curriculum requirement cannot be taken on a pass/no credit (P/NC) basis.

For additional questions on courses that fulfill core curriculum requirements, call or email:

Noreen Mante
Senior Transfer Credit and Degree Audit Advisor
(914) 251-6311

Updated Mar. 9, 2016

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