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Our Previous Summer Families Told Us …

Acting Intensive

  • I really enjoyed the focus on acting technique and improv.
  • Absolutely wonderful experience—treated respectfully, was provided with much attention, fellow students were terrific and open and warm, atmosphere was clearly one of trust and camaraderie. GREAT JOB!
  • I did enjoy the program, it allowed me to study and understand different acting styles, and I learned some great exercises and warm-up games for speech and body movement. In … class, I was finally given the opportunity to partake in improv and learn some different acting styles like from Uta Hagen. In [another] class, we learned how to analyze scenes, work on monologues and work on audition techniques.
  • The staff is amazing! [The instructor] was especially helpful and caring and took time out to make sure that I was helped with my monologue, She also kept a sense of humor when critiquing or telling us to do something!
  • Most fun I’ve had in an acting class. I loved everything! The group of kids was great also, and we all got along very well!
  • Every moment of the day—it was a lot of fun, especially improv.

Creative Writing Institute

  • What I enjoyed most was the education and support I got.
  • Helped improve my creative and general writing skills greatly.
  • I enjoyed reading the Dorothy Parker pieces as well as writing satires.
  • Devoted, talented staff.
  • Staff was very supportive and instructive.
  • Loved the program and the way it was taught.
  • It had a friendly environment. I thought the program was worthwhile.
  • Tough to pick [a most memorable moment]. All those helpful afternoon workshopping sessions, if I had to pick one.

Creating Comic Books/Creating Comic Books and Graphic Novels

What a treat to work with comic giant Carl Potts! Obviously he was extremely knowledgeable about the topic. He really tried to give us a lot of individual attention and was eager to impart his wisdom. TAs were very nice.

  • I liked working with the staff and I enjoyed the content of the class. I found it invaluable to get an inside look into the comic business.
  • I found it extremely rewarding to see people reading and having a laugh over my comic book.
  • [My son] is a pretty quiet kid and he is so happy when I pick him up. He has enjoyed this class so much, which makes a very happy parent. It is difficult to find something he really enjoys and is willing to stick with but he has been so happy in this program. He says everyone is really nice.
  • Excellent staff who knew the material and worked well with the children. They were also friendly to the children yet still maintained discipline.
  • [Enjoyed that] we got to use computers to color our comics.
  • Most memorable moment—when we were “inking” our comics.
  • Most memorable moment—making the final personal comic for final presentation.

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Creative Vocal Lab

The staff was excellent and very enthusiastic.

  • Great! Imaginative.
  • [I enjoyed] everything [about the program]—the freedom to explore and be creative.
  • My most memorable moment was harmonizing in the stairwell.

Choral Conservatory

Summer 2015 program name: Vocal Intensive

  • The staff members were very supportive and caring and did their best to bring out the qualities and personality of my child. They went above and beyond what was required and their results at the final presentation represented this. My daughter had tremendous growth and built her self-esteem and confidence. This was an excellent summer for her, having been the only one of the group who registered for three concurrent sessions. A real trouper. She really gained a lot from her experience. Thanks to all for your hard work and dedication and talents.
  • Everyone was talented and had lot of enthusiasm.
  • My daughter enjoyed learning music theory.
  • I have memories of my daughter not being fearful about performing in front of audiences and gaining stage presence and courage.

Filmmaking Institute

  • [Staff] were all amazing. It was a great pleasure spending four weeks with them!
  • I liked all the instructors in the program. They were all very helpful, informative, and outgoing in and out of the classroom.
  • I like the technology we used. Working together as a team. I also liked that we studied how movies were made as well as making them.
  • I liked how everyone in the program was able to use their talent to create entertaining and interesting quality videos.
  • My son had a great experience! Staff was great!
  • Learned a lot! Great people!
  • My most memorable moment was when my partner and I worked together to finish our video just before the screening opened. Although we were pressed for time, we worked efficiently and were able to create a quality video.

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Photography Institute

  • I really enjoyed being able to express my talent.
  • It was fun and informative.
  • I learned different techniques and styles, and got to know some new people.
  • Memorable moment: laughing with my friends.

Project Fashion Designer

  • [My daughter] loved the friends that she met in the program. She said that she was very excited about the new techniques and ideas that she received from the program. She is excited about the upcoming fashion show.
  • I enjoyed the program because it taught me new skills and it was fun.
  • I loved it! I liked how I learned how to sew and I had no idea how to before.
  • [My daughter] loved Safari Day because they laughed, had fun, and expressed their personalities through their dress.
  • The girls who attended were very friendly and we had a lot of fun together. I especially enjoyed the fashion show.

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Songwriting Workshop

  • I just want to tell you personally that this class has been the best experience [my son] has ever had. The teachers and their enthusiasm have made my child so happy. I’m so happy that I found this program and even more excited that he’s doing Teen Voices next week!!! Thank you so much. I will recommend this program to everyone I know.
  • Enjoyed the opportunity to be surrounded by such knowledgeable and enthusiastic music professionals.
  • I did enjoy the program and I liked that I learned a lot about harmony, melody, and lyric writing.
  • I learned a lot of valuable information and was able to discover my strengths and weaknesses to help me focus on what I need to work on for the future. It has also made me highly consider applying [to Purchase College].
  • I liked how we could learn to express our talents and collaborate together.

Visual Arts Institute

  • I enjoyed all my classes. I learned many new skills, and all the assignments were interesting.
  • [I enjoyed the program.] Liked the assignments and meeting interesting people.
  • [I enjoyed the program.] I learned soooo much!
  • It was excellent. I created college-level art.
  • Every day was memorable!
  • [Loved] the creative environment and friendships I made.

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Video Game Creators and Animators

  • The instructors were all very nice, and they knew the program well and were very approachable.
  • I had a wonderful time and I’ll come back next year!
  • This program was lots of fun! The counselors were very nice and learning programming was a unique challenge.
  • I made a Simpsons video game. It was cool to play as my favorite cartoon characters.
  • It made learning about modern technology easier and very fun at the same time.

Minecraft™ Designers

  • I love my game that I made because I tried so hard to make it.
  • My favorite project was Minecraft, and I liked using world painter and MC Edit to download things into Minecraft.
  • I learned how to problem solve better and come up with creative solutions.
  • They were great, they kept us interested and focused with humor, charisma, and intriguing techniques to create our project.

Code Breakers and App Designers

  • I liked doing the impossible quiz, website, and playing with people with similar interests.
  • Being able to look at other programs (like Google) and thinking, “Oh, that’s how they did it.”
  • I learned how to create games using construct and the coding language HTML.
  • I learned how to use an engine called construct 2. Using this, it is very easy to create my games.
  • It was a great course that taught me the foundations of coding.

Posted Dec. 9, 2014

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