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Continuing Education - Youth and Precollege

Summer 2016 Youth and Precollege Programs in the Arts:
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. What forms are needed in order for my children to attend a summer program?

A. Please refer to the registration instructions for the youth or precollege programs for all required forms, including the registration form and credit card authorization. Please use one form for each child or teen.

Q. Describe a typical day.


Code Breakers and App Designers
Creating Comic Books
Creative Vocal Lab
Minecraft™ Designers and Animators
Shakespeare Workshop
Songwriting Workshop: Program Schedule
3-D Video Game and Makers Lab Creations
Vocal Intensive
Young Actors
Young Architects
Young Artists
Young Filmmakers
Young Journalists
Young Photographers
Youth Musical Theatre


Acting Intensive
Architecture Intensive
Code Breakers and App Designers
Creative Vocal Lab
Creative Writing Institute
Filmmaking Institute: FAQ
Minecraft™ Animators and Modders
Modern Journalism
Neu Curators
Photography Institute
Project Fashion Designer
Shakespeare Workshop
Songwriting Workshop: Program Schedule
3-D Video Game and Makers Lab Creations
Visual Arts Institute
Vocal Intensive


Early Drop-Off: Typical Morning
Extended Day: Typical Afternoon

Q. Do I have to send a lunch with my child or can they buy one on campus?
A. All youth program students must bring their lunch each day. Refrigerators are available.

Precollege program students may bring their lunch or choose to go to our campus cafeteria, which offers sandwiches, salads, pizza, and more. Allow approximately $8 per day for lunch.

Q. Can you tell me what other families live in my area so I can arrange carpooling?
A. Due to FERPA regulations, we cannot release student information.

Q. Are scholarships available?
A. Unfortunately, no scholarships are available for summer 2016 youth and precollege programs in the arts.

Q. The program I want to enroll my child in is full. What can I do?
A. Call (914) 251-6511 and ask to have your child placed on the program waiting list. If anyone withdraws, your child may be able to enroll. And, if enough children are on the waiting list, a new section may be created.

Q. What is your Tax ID number? I need it for child care reimbursement.
A. The Federal Tax ID/Employer ID number is 14-6013200.

Q. My child cannot attend for an entire session. Can the tuition be prorated?
A. Your child is welcome to attend for however many days within each session that he or she is available, if approved by the lead instructor of the program. However, the college cannot prorate the tuition. In addition, students who do not attend 80 percent of the precollege programs are not eligible to receive the certificate of attendance.

Q. What should my child wear?

Q. Are the buildings air-conditioned?
A. Yes

Q. Will Early Drop-Off and/or Extended Day staff be available before 8 a.m. or after 5:30 p.m.?
A. Staff will not be available before 8 a.m. or after 5:30 p.m. Please plan to drop off and pick up your child promptly at these times to avoid additional fees.

Updated June 2, 2016

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