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Continuing Education - Professional Certificate Programs

Museum Studies

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About the Certificate Program

Prepare for and obtain the skills necessary for professional or volunteer careers in museum administration (registrar, visitor services, etc.), collections, and other specialized museum disciplines. In combination with experience and an appropriate academic background, this program will teach you the skills needed to succeed in art and natural history museums, art galleries, historical societies, and more. Through lectures and the use of the college’s Neuberger Museum of Art—among the 10 largest university museums in the country—you will come to understand collections, public art, and the “art world.”

Earn the certificate in as few as two semesters. Students may take courses individually without commitment to the entire program. Students who successfully complete the five required courses are awarded a certificate from the School of Liberal Studies & Continuing Education. The electives may be taken as a supplement to the certificate program or as a stand-alone experience for museum professionals or anyone interested in furthering his or her knowledge. Students who successfully complete the required courses and elective course hours are awarded a certificate from the School of Liberal Studies & Continuing Education, reflecting 16 continuing education units (CEUs).

Note: Certificate programs must be completed within three years unless approved by the director of continuing education.

To qualify for the certificate, students must:

  1. submit a Certificate Form of Intent
  2. attend at least 80 percent of the classes in each course
  3. achieve a “Pass” designation in coursework from the instructors
  4. submit a Certificate Request Form after all requirements have been met
  5. submit a Professional Certificate Program Survey

Required Courses

  1. Museum History and Fundamentals
  2. Contemporary Museum Management
  3. The Essentials of Art History or Introduction to Art History*
    *Students with a BA or minor in art history may take Successful Museum and Nonprofit Boards instead.
  4. Museum Education
  5. Museum Exhibits

Optional Courses

  1. Successful Museum and Nonprofit Boards
  2. Introduction to Modern Art
  3. Contemporary Art
  4. American Art
  5. Impressionism
  6. Realism in Art 
  7. Leading the Courtney Museum Simulation

Optional Internship
When available, internships may be pursued independently after all certificate requirements are completed. Recommendations from two instructors are required.

In addition to the tuition, there is a $25 nonrefundable registration fee paid once per semester. The art history courses (Introduction to Art History and 2–5 under “Optional Courses”) are available on a noncredit basis at a reduced tuition rate, plus applicable fees, and are not eligible for any tuition discounts.

Note: The art history courses (noncredit option) are limited to students who are not enrolled in a degree program at Purchase College. Students who register for the noncredit option do not receive college credit or grades.

Updated June 23, 2016

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