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Continuing Education - Professional Certificate Programs

Pilates Mat Instructor: Academic-Year Courses

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Academic-Year Courses (Fall only)
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Two-Part In-Class Exam
Each course ends with a two-part exam: the practicum/oral exam (approx. 30 minutes) and the written exam (approx. 60 minutes).

In addition to the tuition, there is a $25 nonrefundable registration fee paid once per semester. Exam retakes, when applicable, require an additional $150 fee and registration for HPE 9105/Pilates Mat Exam Retake.

FALL 2014 Certificate Courses

Early Registration Discount
The early registration discount applies to registrations received (paid in full) by August 22.

**CLOSED** Pilates Mat Certification Workshop
Review the basic anatomy, physiology, and kinesiology of the neck, upper back, and shoulder girdle, and discuss the mechanics of muscle and postural imbalance. Examine herniated discs and degenerative joint disease (osteoarthritis). Learn to assess clients for each condition through lectures, discussions, and hands-on exercises, and train to choose and apply the appropriate Pilates mat exercises.
PMC1050 / noncredit / $200
Discount: $175 (Purchase College matriculated students, employees, and alumni; and early registration discount)
Instructor: Simona Cipriani
Sat., 10 a.m.–1 p.m.
Dec. 13 (1 session)
Room: TBA

Pilates Mat Exam Retake
PMC1040 / noncredit / $150

Updated Dec. 8, 2014

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