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Senior Capstone Experience

This intensive research and writing course is a graduation requirement for all liberal studies students, both at Purchase and the RCC campus. The purpose of the Senior Capstone is to enable students to synthesize their individual learning experiences by completing part of a biography. The result: a tangible, final piece of work that is designed to impress both graduate schools and future employers. Topics from recent years include:
  • Dr. Gisella Perl’s Pursuit of Humanity
  • Nikola Tesla: A Man of Peace
  • John Brown: Liberty or Death
  • Dominick Lagravinese: A Story of the American Dream
  • The Wax and Wane of the Granite State Moon
  • Temple Grandin: Out of the Box
  • Maria Montessori: The Inventor of Learning
  • Am I Blue? A Memoir of Billie Holiday

Some comments from former students about their Senior Capstone experience:

  • “I really enjoyed this class and the assignments were very beneficial. It helped me to realize the different styles of writing I am capable of.”
  • “The most valuable part of the course was learning how to write a better research paper. My writing skills have improved.”
  • “The course’s most valuable aspect was the fact that it had a small class size, which facilitated an excellent learning environment.”
  • “This course helped me feel prepared to graduate. Everything discussed throughout the class was intended to fine-tune my skills and knowledge for life after college. The workshops of former and current student work served as excellent examples of how to write our capstone paper.”
  • “I really enjoyed the class. I love how we received feedback for our paper from the entire class. The professor was very knowledgeable and helped me a lot.”
  • “The course was a very informative one. I loved the documentaries that were shown and I felt the assigned readings were all very diverse and interesting. I learned so much about different writing styles, approaches, and voices, as well as being exposed to some very interesting and compelling subject matter. I very much enjoyed all aspects of the course and feel that it contributed to my overall development, as well as to my writing abilities.”
  • “The classroom discussions were very valuable to me. I felt like they were engaging and challenged me to think deeper than I normally do and to learn to express it through discussions.”

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