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Continuing Education - Degree Completion

Creative Ways to Earn Credits

Students have several ways to earn college credits beyond the traditional on-campus course:

Hybrid and Online Purchase College Courses

  • Our hybrid courses are taught partially on campus (in person) and partially online. Credit courses meet 40 percent on campus and 60 percent online.
  • Online courses are offered entirely over the Internet. This format allows the flexibility to work at your convenience toward specified deadlines.

SUNY Learning Network (SLN)
All SUNY schools that offer online courses can be found on the SUNY Learning Network.

College-Level Examination Program (CLEP)
The College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) administers exams in undergraduate college courses that allow students to demonstrate college-level proficiency in particular subject areas.

Internships for Credit
With the assistance of Purchase’s Career Development Center, students have the opportunity to gain experience and to explore a variety of career fields. The number of credits awarded for internships is based on how many hours students work at the internship site.

Private Music Lessons
Through the Conservatory of Music, nonmusic majors may take private lessons with a resident faculty member. The conservatory offers 13 private-study lessons per semester to students in performance and composition. Private-study lessons may not exceed eight semesters for undergraduates. Please note that there is a course fee of $1,219.87 per semester for private lessons, which is in addition to the regular tuition rate.

Before registering for courses, please consult with an academic advisor at Purchase to determine whether or not the course is appropriate for your degree.

Updated April 21, 2014