School of the Arts

Office of the Dean

Location: Music Building, Room 1016G
Fax: (914) 251-4457

Ravi S. Rajan, MM, FRSA
Dean, School of the Arts
Tel.: (914) 251-4455

Jennifer Shingelo, MFA
Assistant Dean for Students and Enrollment
Tel.: (914) 251-4450

Sheli Jeffry
Assistant to the Dean
Tel.: (914) 251-4456

Jon Esser, MFA
Director of Arts Facilities
Visual Arts Building, Room 2001
Tel.: (914) 251-3981

Christopher Kaczmarek, MFA
Interim Director of Instructional Support
Visual Arts Building, Room 2001
Tel.: (914) 251-7887

Kirsten Nelson, MFA
Exhibitions Manager
Visual Arts Building, Room 1005
Tel.: (914) 251-7885

Edward Rosensteel, BA
Interim Manager of Finance and Administration
Tel.: (914) 251-4458


Larry Clark, BFA, and Bettijane Sills, BPS
Interim Co-Directors, Conservatory of Dance and
Dance Building, Room 0050
Tel.: (914) 251-6800
Fax: (914) 251-6806

Steven Lam, MFA
Director, School of Art+Design
Visual Arts Building, Room 2001
Tel.: (914) 251-6750
Fax: (914) 251-6793

Gregory Taylor, PhD
Director, Conservatory of Theatre Arts
Dance Building, Room 1018
Tel.: (914) 251-6830
Fax: (914) 251-6839

James Undercofler, MM
Chair, Department of Arts Management and Entrepreneurship

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