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BFA in Visual Arts: Interdisciplinary Student Learning Outcomes


Graduates should demonstrate:

  1. An understanding basic design principles, concepts, media, and formats in the various fine arts disciplines. Development of this sensitivity continues throughout the degree program.

  2. The ability to apply principles of design and color and competency in drawing to work in specific specializations.

  3. The ability to conceive, design, and create works in at least two specific fine arts fields.

  4. A working knowledge of various aesthetic issues, processes, and media and their relationship to the conceptualization, development, and completion of works of art.

  5. An understanding of the similarities, differences, and relationships among the various fine arts areas.

  6. Familiarity with a broad variety of work in various specializations and media, including broad exposure to works of art.

  7. An emphasis in two fine arts areas.

Also refer to the Foundation Program: Student Learning Outcomes.

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BFA in Visual Arts: Interdisciplinary

Academic Requirements