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The Playwriting and Screenwriting BA Program: Academic Requirements

In addition to meeting general degree requirements, all playwriting and screenwriting majors must meet the following requirements (54 credits):

Foundation courses: 23 credits

  1. PSW 1000/Playwriting I: 4 credits
  2. PSW 1010/Screenwriting I: 4 credits
  3. CIN 1500/Introduction to Cinema Studies I: 4 credits
  4. PSW 2000/Screenwriting II: 4 credits
  5. PSW 2010/Playwriting II: 4 credits
  6. THP 2885/Theatre Histories I or THP 2890/Theatre Histories II: 3 credits

Electives: 17 credits
Students choose their electives in consultation with their faculty advisor. At least 10 of the 17 credits must be upper level. Courses in the list of examples are subject to change, and new courses may be added.

Synthesis courses: 14 credits

  1. PSW 3880/Junior Seminar: 4 credits
  2. PSW 4880/Senior Colloquium in Playwriting and Screenwriting: 2 credits
  3. SPJ 4990/Senior Project I: 4 credits
  4. SPJ 4991/Senior Project II: 4 credits

Examples of electives
PSW 1230/Hollywood and the Writer
PSW 1250/Plays and Playgoing
CIN 1510/Introduction to Cinema Studies II
THP 2205/Shakespeare Then and Now
PSW 2500/The Collaborative Process
PSW 3000/Screenwriting III
PSW 3120/The Writer and the Documentary
PSW 3200/Playwriting III
PSW 3230/Writers’ Scene Workshop
PSW 3300/Writing for Television
PSW 3400/The TV Writer’s Room
PSW 3500/Documentary Theatre: Performing Real Life
THP 3725/Adapting Literature for Performance

Updated Mar. 21, 2016

Please direct updates for this page to the managing editor in the Office of the Provost and Academic Affairs. Eight-semester plan updates or questions should be directed to the associate provost.
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For current majors:
Graduation Plans

In consultation with your faculty advisor, the
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