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Very few programs at the Conservatory of Music typically accept applications for Spring admission. Please contact us in late September or early October to find out if your intended program is accepting Spring applications. We can be reached at

If your program is open to the receipt of Spring applications, all pre-screening materials and audition fee must be submitted through Slideroom by October 15.  Live auditions for Spring take place in early November.


We will hold Fall auditions for all programs. In order to qualify for a live audition, all applicants must first apply for admission to Purchase College; and they must also submit all pre-screening materials and audition fee through Slideroom . Only students who have a successful pre-screening audition will be called back for a live audition. Students who do not pass the pre-screening audition will not be eligible for admission to the Conservatory.

Live Auditions for Fall 2014 admission are scheduled for the week of February 17- 22, 2014.

February 17: Brass, Strings, Voice/Opera, Percussion

February 18: Harp, Classical Composition, Studio Production

February 19: Classical Guitar, All Woodwinds, Studio Production

February 20: Voice/Opera, Studio Composition, Classical Guitar

February 21: Flutes and Clarinets, Studio Composition, Jazz

February 22: Piano, Voice/Opera, Jazz, Strings (no violas)

IMPORTANT: Live audition dates are assigned at the discretion of the Conservatory according to instrument and program. Due to limited time and resources the Conservatory cannot change assigned audition dates. Only in cases of emergency will the Conservatory try to accommodate a request to change an audition date. The Conservatory cannot guarantee that a change can be made. Please plan accordingly.

For additional information about the Music program and for specific audition requirements, visit the Purchase College Conservatory of Music website.

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Please review Application Procedures, Undergraduate Audition Requirements and Graduate Audition Requirements for further information.

For more information, contact:
Tel.: (914) 251-6700





All pre-screening materials must be uploaded to Slideroom by:

October 15 for Spring auditions


January 1 for Fall auditions