Conservatory of Music:
studio production 

The Studio Production Program

The mission of the studio production program is to provide focused, creative training in the recorded media in the midst of one of America’s acclaimed schools of music. The program seeks a limited number of experienced producers and engineers who display advanced skills in recording, production, and associated technology. It is the quest of the studio production program and its faculty to develop producers who can ultimately work within a wide spectrum of musical genres with expertise, awareness, and understanding of each genre’s subtleties and traditions and with sharply honed technological, musical, and business skills. The program’s merit has been proven time and again by the artistic success of our alumni and current students, many of whom maintain active professional careers while still attending classes.

The distinctive hallmarks of the production program are:

  • hands-on studio experience
  • thorough training in most modern and classical musical genres from hip-hop to Mozart
  • small-group study with professional producers
  • music theory and musicianship for producers

There are six major areas of study in this degree program:

  • production and composition
  • musicianship and history
  • studio technology
  • professionally related electives
  • comprehensive training in the liberal arts
  • comprehensive training in the business of music

In order to graduate, all producers must conceive and produce two significant original projects: a Junior Production and a Senior Production. These can be either recorded or performed live. All productions require extensive preparation and documentation, and are regarded and critiqued by the faculty. Many Junior and Senior Productions feature multimedia collaborations with the other Purchase College arts conservatories.

Studio production at Purchase features a stellar faculty, a finely-tuned curriculum, close associations with both a renowned classical conservatory and a vibrant jazz studies program, as well as superior professional career and internship opportunities in nearby New York City. It also functions closely with studio composition, and collaborative accomplishment between these two programs is typical in classes, concerts, and recording sessions. But the best aspect of studio production at Purchase College is what the students themselves have made of it—a friendly and artistic community whose spirit is the basis for wonderful four-year experience.