Degree Programs: BFA and MFA

The Conservatory of Dance at Purchase College offers BFA and MFA programs that prepare students for careers in the professional dance world. Purchase alumni perform with most of the important modern and ballet dance companies in the world. They teach as guest artists, direct, choreograph major productions, and have founded their own companies all around the globe.

The BFA Program

The BFA program offers professional training for the serious and dedicated dance students, with daily classes in classical ballet and contemporary modern dance. These are followed by modern and/or ballet partnering, pointe for the ballet women, men’s classes, modern repertory workshops, and performance, performance, performance. The undergraduate program emphasizes both performance and choreography and assures an artistic foundation through the four-year composition program and studies of music for dance, dance history, dance production, anatomy for dance, and core curriculum courses.
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The MFA Program

The MFA program in dance offers two separate but interrelated tracks—choreography and performance/teaching—to further develop the skills of serious and dedicated dance artists. During this intensely focused, two-year, full-time professional training program, candidates will research their art as a choreographer, teacher, or performing artist and, through the presentation of their work, will develop a strong sense of individual artistic identity.
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