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Fall 2014 BFA Auditions

The admission audition consists of a ballet class and modern combinations in the center and across the floor. You might also be asked to improvise. Following class, the audition panel will call back the dancers who will present their solos in the afternoon. The faculty will conduct a short interview following the audition. The schedule is adhered to as much as possible; however, the number of people in any given audition, the weather, or other extenuating circumstances may cause changes. If auditioning on-campus, please plan to spend a full day at Purchase College. Please refer to stated registration times for off-campus auditions.
It is imperative that you schedule an audition online using your myPurchase account. You will not be able to schedule an audition unless you apply to Purchase College. The Conservatory of Dance will confirm your audition date by email within a week of your online request.


On-Campus Audition
Regional Audition
Audition Requirements/Information

2015 On-Campus Auditions
Friday, February 6, 2015; Friday, February 13, 2015; Saturday February 21, 2015; Saturday, February 28, 2015.  All auditions from 9:00am to 5:00pm.

2015 Regional Auditions
Regional auditions will be held January 31 and February 1 in:
Chicago, IL
Los Angeles, CA

Chicago, IL
Chicago Academy for the Arts
Contact: Lauri Sugarman
(312) 421-0202
1010 West Chicago Avenue
Chicago, IL 60622
Date and Time of Audition:
Sat, January 31, 2015, 12:00–4:00 pm / Registration: 11:00 am

Los Angeles, CA
Los Angeles County High School for the Arts (LACHSA)
5151 University Drive
Martin Luther King Hall - Room 5108
Los Angeles, CA 90032-8659
Date and Time of Audition:
Sunday, February 1, 2015, 11:30am–7:30 pm / Registration: 11:30 am

The Conservatory of Dance would like to thank the Los Angeles County High School for the Arts, Department of Dance as well as the Chicago Academy for the Arts for providing us with a space to conduct our auditions.

Audition Requirements/Information
Acceptance Criteria

Audition Attire

Please plan to arrive at 9:00 am for on-campus auditions. After changing into practice clothes, applicants register for the audition with the representatives from the Conservatory of Dance.

Solo Performance
After class, a list will be posted for a select group of students who will be invited to present a 90-second solo performance in a modern or ballet style that highlights your strengths as an artist and performer. If you are not called back to present a solo, you are free to depart.
Your music should be on a CD (with your name clearly printed on the label) or on an iPod/phone.
Choreography may be by you or another person.
If your dance exceeds 90 seconds, you will be asked to stop. We are primarily interested in your performance and movement ability.
Be prepared to introduce your dance: title, choreographer, composer and any additional information you wish us to know.
The audition studio has a marley floor.
No costumes are permitted. However, you are welcome to change from class attire to other leotard/tights or unitard for your solo.

After the Audition
If space and time permit, we will have a discussion period to answer your questions. You are free to depart unless you have been requested to stay for an interview. If you audition on-campus, you are welcome to attend the BFA Dance Senior Project Performance at 8:00 pm in the Dance Theatre Lab. Please reserve your complimentary tickets when you register in the morning.

Admission Decision
Applicants auditioning on February 6 & 13, 2015 will be notified of their admission status within 3 weeks of the February 13, 2015, audition if their application is complete.
Applicants auditioning on February 21 & 28, 2015 will be notified of their admission status within 3 weeks of the February 28, 2015, audition if their application is complete.

Class Audition by DVD

Deadline to submit a Class Audition by DVD is February 28, 2015 (received in the office by February 28). Only candidates living outside the continental United States may send a class audition DVD rather than audition in person. This includes Hawaii, Alaska and Puerto Rico.

The Class Audition DVD should include:
• Introduction: State your name, dance training, and information about your solo: title, composer, choreographer and any additional information you want us to know.
• Ballet Class: Present barre work, center work (adagio, allegro and pirouette combinations) and across the floor combinations. You do not need to repeat exercises on both sides.
• Modern Class: Present warm up exercises, center work including backwork, and across the   floor combinations.
• Solo: 90 seconds maximum.

Submit the Class Audition DVD and the non-refundable $60 audition fee in US funds in check or money order payable to Purchase College at the following address:

Conservatory of Dance
Purchase College
735 Anderson Hill Road
Purchase, NY 10577-1400

Youtube Submission

You may also post your Class Audition at Please follow the exact same guidelines as the DVD submission. Include the link(s) in an email to with your name in the subject line. Mail the non-refundable $60 audition fee to the address above. Your audition class will not be reviewed until the audition fee has been received.
REMINDER: The audition fee is separate and in addition to the SUNY application fee of $50.00. Both fees are required and must be paid separately.

Incoming students’ scholarship
The Conservatory of Dance awards merit-based scholarships based on student auditions. There is no other formal scholarship application for dance. For financial need-based scholarships, contact Student Financial Services. Financial aid requires the FAFSA be completed for any student to be considered for scholarship
Scholarships are reconsidered every year and returning students need to formally apply in the spring semester. A GPA of 3.25 is required for returning students to remain on scholarship.

Student Dance Ambassadors
Are you a prospective student who is curious about the Conservatory of Dance from a student’s perspective? Our Dance Ambassadors are happy to answer your questions. Ambassadors are selected from students in their final years of study at Purchase College. They can speak to their experience as members of the Conservatory of Dance and greater Purchase College community. Email a student Dance Ambassador today.

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