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MFA in Dance: Choreography Track
Academic Requirements

The MFA program in dance is currently undergoing revision and is closed to admission.

Students must complete 60 credits of graduate-level coursework, including the thesis concert, normally within two years of full-time in-residence study. As part of the general requirements for the MFA, students must also maintain a minimum 3.0 (B) cumulative GPA at Purchase College. Please refer to the Conservatory of Dance MFA Student Handbook, issued annually to every graduate dancer, for specific details.

  1. DPC 5115, 5215, 5315, 5415/Choreography
  2. DPC 5120, 5220, 5320, 5420/Choreology
  3. DPD 5120, 5220, 5320/Music Seminar
  4. DPD 5125, 5225, 5230/Studio Pedagogy
  5. DPD 5145, 5245, 5345, 5445/Composition Pedagogy
  6. DPD 5800 and 5820/Graduate Dance Technique
  7. DPD 5900/Independent Study
  8. DPM 5330/Contact Improvisation
  9. DPG 5110, 5210, 5310/Graduate Presentations
  10. DPG 5120, 5220, 5320/Graduate Seminar
  11. DPG 5410/Graduation Choreography Concert

Course Sequence

Photo of three female dancers performing

Course Sequence

First Year:

DPC 5115/Choreography I
DPC 5120/Choreology I
DPD 5120/Music Seminar I
DPD 5125/Studio Pedagogy I
DPD 5145/Composition Pedagogy I
DPD 5800/Graduate Dance Technique
DPG 5120/Graduate Seminar I
DPM 5330/Contact Improvisation
DPG 5110/Graduate Presentation I

DPC 5215/Choreography II
DPC 5220/Choreology II
DPD 5820/Graduate Dance Technique
DPD 5220/Music Seminar II
DPD 5225/Studio Pedagogy II
DPD 5245/Composition Pedagogy II
DPG 5220/Graduate Seminar II
DPG 5210/Graduate Presentation II

Second Year

DPC 5315/Choreography III
DPC 5320/Choreology III
DPD 5230/Studio Pedagogy III
DPD 5320/Music Seminar III
DPD 5345/Composition Pedagogy III
DPD 5900/Independent Study (optional)
DPD 5800/Graduate Dance Technique
DPG 5320/Graduate Seminar III
DPG 5310/Graduate Presentation III

DPC 5415/Choreography IV
DPC 5420/Choreology IV
DPD 5445/Composition Pedagogy IV
DPD 5800/Graduate Dance Technique
DPD 5900/Independent Study (optional)
DPG 5410/Graduation Concert

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Please direct updates for this page to the managing editor in the Office of the Provost and Academic Affairs. Eight-semester plan updates or questions should be directed to the associate provost.
– For curricular revisions, please refer to the Faculty Handbook.

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Dance MFA Overview

Academic Requirements:
Choreography Track
Performance/Teaching Track

DPC 5000–5999
DPD 5000–5999
DPG 5000–5999
DPM 5000–5999