Engaged in outreach and provide guidance to all student populations to foster their inclusion and participation in the campus community.

Provide supportive services to student clubs and organizations that assist them with organizational development, leadership training and various phases of program planning.

Provide opportunities for student involvement in the planning and implementation of programs and services offered by our office.

Coordinate programs and services that are designed to educate the community about:

Cultural diversity and understanding;

Civic engagement and participation;

And leadership development.

Collaborate with various offices and departments on campus wide programming traditions that focus on community development and recognition.

Collaborate with faculty to provide significant and sustainable integrative learning models.

Collaborate with external community partners to provide reciprocal benefits to both student leaders and community development.



The Office of Student Life & Community Partnerships adheres to the following three values, which are infused in the programs and services that we offer:

LEADERSHIP- informative and intellectually stimulating workshops for student clubs, organizations & PSGA

DIVERSITY & Inclusion- activities & events designed to enhance our understanding of both ourselves and other backgrounds

SERVICE- opportunities to actively engage and become a more productive citizen in society