RA/CA Position

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Community Assistant


(The Olde, The Commons, Alumni Village)


CAs are student employees of the Office of Residence Life whose primary responsibility is to create a dynamic and supportive community in the apartment living complexes.  Designed for staff members who are juniors and seniors, the CA position provides peer assistance and serves as a resource that can give information and provide support and refer, when necessary, to appropriate campus resources.  The CA position also attempts to design a foundation on which a community can exist that fosters open communication, neighborly respect, and self-containment.


The Community Assistant position is designed for opportunities to work with different individuals and not be limited to one’s specific apartment complex staff.



General Responsibilities:

·         Assist with the check-in and checkout process of residents in your community.

·         Attend all designated staff meetings, one-on-one meetings, in-services, training sessions, and any other meeting deemed valid by your supervisor to your professional development or job performance.

·         Promptly prepare reports and records as required by the Office of Residence Life. This includes but is not limited to: weekly and monthly reports, staff evaluations, programming proposals and evaluations, and incident reports.

·         Actively engage in dialogue with residents, gathering feedback on community concerns and highlights and soliciting ideas to strengthen communication and respect.

·         Maintain general availability, which is necessary for the success of the community, in addition to the regular duty or office schedule.

·         Staff is expected to spend part of their evening in their room Sunday through Thursday.

·         CAs are generally expected to be available on weekends.  Weekends away must be approved by the Residence Coordinator.

·         Be regularly available and visible to residents within your area of responsibility (determined by the physical location of your apartment).  Act as a liaison between these assigned residents and the J-2-1 complex office.  Respond to resident needs and concerns including being the first responder to roommate conflicts.

·         Conduct apartment visits within this area of responsibility a minimum of four times per semester: opening, prior to the first health/safety inspection, prior to Thanksgiving or Spring Break and prior to closing.

·         Participate in and assist with Residence Life processes, Housing Selection and Resident Assistant selection process.




·         Participate in a regularly scheduled daytime office coverage rotation. Please note that weekday office shifts will feature either one or two staff members and be selected from the entire pool of CAs (24 total).

·         Types of duty includes

o    Office shifts( 2 hour shifts covering J-2-1, Apartment Complex Office):Monday through Thursday from 8:30am to 12:30am and Friday from 8:30am to 8:30pm

o    Overnight shifts: Monday-Thursday, 12am-8:30am, Friday-Saturday, 8pm to 8pm and Sunday, 8pm to 8:30am

·         CAs must be readily available when duty begins and in the specified area (i.e. on rounds, in complex office or apartment depending on duty type).

·         When there is a registered party in the area, the duty CA will perform at least one round at the onset of the party and one round at the ending time of the party.



Administrative Duties

·         Assist with the following administrative tasks as it relates to their individual apartment complex:

o    Assist RC with weekly walkthroughs

o    Monitor and track trash notices

o    Update campus postings boards and remove outdated flyers

o    Post departmental flyers on apartment doors

o    Apartment cleaning and living agreement upkeep

o    RPR upkeep during the academic year

o    Lockouts and room change paperwork

o    Monthly fire extinguisher checks

o    Assist the RC with first rounds of Health and Safety Inspections and conduct re-inspections for apartments that failed the first round

·         During duty shift, assist in the maintenance and upkeep of occupancy paperwork including Room Property Reports (RPRs) and key cards.



Community Development/Programming

 General Requirements:

o    Each CA will complete large-scale and small-scale programs for all three apartment complexes.

o    CA’s will work as part of a team.  Team members will come from each apartment area.

o    Each program must address at least one of the 4 core values of the programming model in each program. The values are Knowledge, Wellness, Community, Citizenship.


·         Additional Requirements:

o    Community Assistants will be placed in teams by their supervisor. Each member of the team is expected to contribute fairly to each program.

o    Programming is expected to address the needs of all apartment residents.

o    Each team is responsible for facilitating 2 programs for the semester.

o    Each programming team must adhere to a programming schedule that addresses the core programming values.

o    Each team must adhere to the following collaborations:

1.     At least one faculty member per semester.

2.     At least one on-campus office per semester i.e. Career Development

3.     At least one off campus office per semester i.e.: Planned Parenthood


REMUNERATION:  All Community Assistants are given a bed waiver for a single in a Purchase residence and a $250 stipend per semester of employment.