Step 1:  Make sure that you are available FULLY for the program.
The OL position requires you to be present on campus beginning on Thursday, July 5 through Saturday, July 14 and then again for full time OLs on Monday, August 27 (you would move directly into your fall assignment on this day) until the start of classes. Failure and/or inability to be able available during these time periods will disqualify your candidacy.
Step 2:  Make sure that you are ELIGIBLE for the position.
Successful candidates will have at least two semesters experience at Purchase College by the time of the Orientation program and must be planning to attend for at least one semester after the program (i.e. you may apply for the summer after your first year at Purchase, but not for the summer after your last year).  Successful candidates will be energetic, involved on campus and willing to work long hours.  They will have strong communication skills, an ability to work independently and experience being part of a team. They will be trustworthy, respectful, and enthusiastic about the College.  Each successful candidate will have a cumulative GPA of at least 2.5 and be in good judicial (no disciplinary or residence probation) and academic standing with the College.
Step 3:  Check your schedule and Complete an application.
Applicants for the 2012 Orientation Leader positions must be available on Sunday, February 26th for a mandatory group process interview from 10am-12pm.  In addition, availability must be made from February 27-29 for individual interviews.  To complete the orientation leader application for summer 2012, you may access the application at the link below.

To complete an application, please follow the link below to access the application.  Applications must be completed by February 22nd by 5:00pm.  There are no exceptions or extensions to this deadline