SYE Background Information

Mission Statement


The mission of the Second-Year Experience is to provide systematically all sophomore students, both continuing and incoming transfer, a quality network of programs and services that strengthen academic focus, encourage exploration of high impact educational options, and foster an assertive and fluid transition into the third year.



2YE Goals

  •             To maintain or create staple events and programs that address mattering and marginality, two common stressors for this population that often lead to attrition.
  •            To streamline communications and outreach efforts on academic policies and programs as a means to explore, declare, and confirm a major.
  •            To evolve community participation beyond simple involvement and into active engagement.



Current 2YE Initiatives

Sophomore L.I.N.K.S. Program- The Freshman/Sophomore LINKS program connects you to a variety of early career planning activities that can start you on the road to career decision-making. Visit the Career Development Center or click here for more information.


IDI1550: Career Planning and Decision Making(1 credit/Fallonly) Designed to assist students who are beginning a career, have not yet selected their major, or are undecided on their career goals. Students apply research and career-development theory to examine how to formulate and make major and career decisions. Experiential activities include interest testing, skills and values identification, informational interviews, writing r¨¦sum¨¦s and cover letters, conducting career research, interviewing skills, and the internship and job search. Participants gain insight into their career development through assessments, exploratory activities, and discussion. Limited to exploring sophomores and juniors.


IDI2030: Going Global: Intercultural Communication(1 credit/Fall & Spring)Introduces students to the basic concepts of intercultural communication in an international context. Topics include communication styles, international cultural factors, cross-cultural adjustment, and global citizenship. Globalization is discussed in the context of international understanding, and students correspond with others abroad to enhance their insights. This course is particularly useful for students thinking about studying abroad.


IDI3250: Fundamentals of Leadership (4 credits/Fall & Spring)Students are introduced to the basic concepts of leadership development and engaged in experiential learning activities that focus on civic engagement. The purpose of this course is to guide students in their development as campus leaders, educated citizens, and willing advocates.