FYE Background Information

About FYE:


The First-Year Experience at Purchase College is a branch of the Orientation Committee and is a collaboration of various campus offices and personnel. FYE oversees a series of events and programs designed to make all new students aware of various campus resources and have a successful first semester. All questions regarding the First-Year Experience should be directed to fye@purchase.edu.


Mission Statement:


The mission of First-Year Experience is to provide systematically all new freshmen and transfer students the necessary information and programs to acclimate to the college community by the end of their first two semesters at Purchase College. By streamlining communication of existing academic and co-curricular information from various offices and by developing more outreach and programs to all new students, the First-Year Experience will strengthen the connection of new students to Purchase College.



Current FYE Initiatives/Programs:


Freshman Seminar - All freshmen in the Liberal Arts and Sciences (LAS) are required to take the Freshman Seminar during their first semester.  This course serves as an introduction to college, incorporating information on the value of a liberal arts education, campus resources, study skills, and academic requirements.


Learning Communities – These consist of groups of students who apply and are selected by a Faculty-in-Residence member to participate in his or her Learning Community. Each Learning Community focuses on an academic theme while taking almost all of the same courses throughout the fall semester. The students in these communities live together in the same block of a specific residence hall and participate in a variety of curricular and co-curricular activities, overseen by faculty, staff, and students.


FYE Residence Halls - Almost all freshmen are housed in the FYE areas, which include Farside, Crossroads, and the B wing of Big Haus.


FYE RAs - Each floor in the FYE halls is staffed by specially selected and trained FYE Resident Assistants (RAs).  In addition to the standard training that all RAs receive, the FYE RAs learn about the issues and challenges facing freshmen and how to help students navigate them.