Student Involvement
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Volunteers are previous interns, first year students (not eligible for the internship), or just an interested student. While there is no minimum or maximum in terms of participation, volunteers are urged to be serious about their time commitment as these interactions are invaluable and meaningful to the youth.



Students- sophomore standing and above, may sign p for a credit bearing internship that counts as an upper level elective and focuses on the concept of mentoring.  Designed on an experiental learning format, the intern will practice both learning and doing.

The weekly seminar is the "learning" component and will focus on leadership skills such as values clarification, critical thinking, reflective thinking, emotional intelligence, and interpersonal communication.  Hey will also learn about the local partnershp sites and their specific needs.

The ongoing site workshops and comus visits are the "doing" component and provide the opportunity to apply these skills, creating a rich experience that connects and engages the student intern with the community members.  Examples are listed under the "partnership details" and the "community partners service listings" link.

Hourly Waged

Limited opportunities are available as academic tutors in both one-to-one and small group formats.  THey are reserved for students who have significant (2+ semesters) previous experience working with the program AND who maintain an above average GPA (3.0 or higher).