Participant Expectations

P.A.S.T. offers the opportunity for students to travel outside of Purchase, NY and serve in a community of need.  The trip experience will be one of personal growth and connections with fellow students and community members.

Participation in a trip requires commitment and dedication from those involved in order for participants to truly gain from the experience.  Trip participants are expected to attend at least two trip meetings prior to the trip.  Two student site leaders and staff advisors will accompany students on the trip to guide the group as well as coordinate all trip related events and meetings.

All participants must be Purchase College students and have at least a 2.0 GPA (participants) or 2.5 (site leaders) and cannot be on academic or disciplinary probation.  Your records will be checked at the time of the submitted application.  Students who fail to maintain the minimum GPA or go on probation may not be allowed to participate in P.A.S.T.