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Partnerships can involve both a site-based and/or campus based component.  All program aspects- regardless of type- are collaboratively deceloped between the community partner and our office.  Most partnerships are ongoing, with minor revisions made from year to year.


Site Workshops:

Visits are on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis and held either during the lunch period or afterschool.



  • Academic support (individual and small group tutoring in core subjects)
  • Goal setting (educational, personal, vocational)
  • Civic Skills (citizenship, social responsibility, volunteerism)
  • College readiness (application guidelines, transition techniques)

Campus Visits:

Visits feature a civic/leadership workshop an are often combined with an arts-themed event enabling the youth to experience the diverse nature of Purchase College.  Visits are primarily held on weekdays although Saturdays are possible.


Examples include:

  • Neubergere workshops via their Education Program
  • Special arts conservatory programs and performances