A Commitment to Civic Engagement at SUNY and Purchase College
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A Commitment to Civic Engagement at SUNY and Purchase College..



As a proud member of the SUNY family, Purchase College acknowledges one of the three imperatives represented on the SUNY seal and several of its core values as a primary guide in our civic engagement initiatives.

"To Learn, TO Search, To Serve" - The SUNY Seal


We are concerned an involved citizens. We have a stake in our community.  We direct our skills, our knowledge, and our best intentions toward making a profound and lasting difference where we live close to home and around the world.

SUNY Core Values

Community Engagement.

In our communities, learning goes both ways.  In every community or neighborhood where we have a campus, SUNY is both a teacher and a student.  The needs and perspectives of iyr communities inform what we do and how we do it. 


Diversity makes us stronger and smarter.  We respect, encourage, and promote all aspects of human difference- whether in terms of background, interests, age, race or stage of life.  Diversity enriches our lives and the educational experiecne: it invigorates conversations, awakens curiosity, and widens perspectives.


Collaboration makes our expertise more powerful.  Partnerships and alliances, both within and outside the SUNY system, have a miltiplier effect.  When our campuses join forces with each other and with organizations outside of SUNY, we amplify our expertise, resources, and geographic reach in new and often unexpected ways.  When we acknowledge common goals and approach problems in a spirit of reciprocity and flexibility, we achieve more than when we labor alone.

To learn more about the SUNY imperatives and core values, please visit the SUNY website at: http://www.suny.edu/powerofsuny/


Purchase College Strategic Plan...

With SUNY providing inspiration via its imperatives and values, Purchase College drafted its current Strategic Plan bakc in the 2009-2010 academic year.

Beginning with the Preamble, where we state "we seek to nurture our students' talents and their civic, ethical, personal, and physical well-being by providing opportunities for engagement inside and outside the classroom," the theme of civic engagement was evident as a primary focus of the document. 

Specifically, in two of the four directions listed, civic engagement is highlighted.

  • In "Direction 1: Toward the Learning-Centered Institution: Engagement, Connections, and Student Success," collaborations between Academic and Student Affairs are discussed in the areas of high impact learning activities and enhancing student engagement and success and improving four-year graduation rates.
  • In "Direction 4: Twoard the Greater Purchase: Connections from the Local to the Global," connecting the region's culltural and intellectual life through service-learning opportunities are discussed to fulfill the mission of educating creative and responsible students.

To access the full text of the Purchase College Strategic Plan, please click on the following link: /AboutPurchase/President/StrategicPlan/