Purchase Student Government Association

Purchase Student Government Association

The Purchase Student Government Association (PSGA) is a nonprofit corporation responsible for managing the money collected from students' Mandatory Student Activity Fee. The PSGA is divided into three branches: the Executive Board, the Senate, and the Judicial Board. In addition to advocating on behalf of the student body, the PSGA runs the Student Center, most non-academic activities, including two campus-wide major events in the Fall and Spring, numerous student-run service, and all clubs/organizations.


The PSGA is funded through the Mandatory Student Activity Fee (MSAF) paid by all full time matriculated students.


If you would like to get involved with the PSGA, interested in more information on a club, organization, or service, or would like any type of assistance, please visit our office on the first floor of Campus Center North in room 1012. You can also call at 914-251-6980, fax us at 914-251-6838, or send us an e-mail at PSGA@purchase.edu.


PSGA Executive Board


The PSGA Executive Board consists of six members: PSGA President, Chair of the Senate, Finance Coordinator, Coordinator of Council of Clubs, Organizations & Services, Student Activities Coordinator, and Coordinator of Histories and Documents.


President: Serves as the main representative of the Student Body to the College Administration, student member of the College Counsel, and Chair of the Executive Board.

Chair of the Senate: Responsible for the facilitation of Senate meetings, serves as the Vice President of the PSGA, and chairs the Election Committee.

Finance Coordinator: Chairs the Finance Committee, develops and implements the PSGA budget, and is responsible for all financial paper work.

Coordinator of CoCOaS: Chairs the Council of Clubs, Organization, and Services, oversees all services, including the Independent, PTV, WPSR, and the Alternative Clinic.

Student Activities Coordinator: Chairs and oversees members the Student Activities Board, compromised of the Student Center Coordinator, Diversity Coordinator, General Programming Coordinator, and Major Events Coordinator.

Coordinator of Histories and Documents: Manages and maintain the PSGA file archive and central filling system.


PSGA Senate


The Senate provides checks and balances for the Executive Board, having the ability to remove any Executive from office who does not meet constitutional requirements. The Senate also has final approval of all budget decisions.

The composition of the Senate is by population with at least one Senator from each residential area, including Commuters, and from each Academic School or Conservatory (Natural Sciences and Social Sciences are separate in our model). E-mail: PSGA.Senate@purchase.edu


Judicial Board


Appointed by the President and approved by the Senate, the Judicial Board is comprised of five Justices, including one Chief Justice, all of whom serve two year terms. The board convenes only when there is an internal dispute, which has been referred to the Senate, including impeachment, election irregularities, etc.