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Purchase Late Night With Mike Cronin

During his first semester freshman year, Mike Cronin '14 and some friends decided to create a television show. He'd been following Conan O'Brien's ordeal—his sudden ousting from The Tonight Show and his subsequent return to late night television later that fall—and suggested they adopt the late-night format.

"It's only 20 minutes of written material, then your host just has to not be an idiot for the next 40. Turned out to be easier said than done," he jokes self-effacingly. Purchase Late Night (PLN), a weekly show hosted by Cronin, first aired in late September 2010. Three years later, it's the Purchase version of must-see TV with a continually growing audience.

After a two-year run on PTV, Purchase's television network, renovations in Campus Center North forced Cronin to move the show online. He created to host the show, where it airs Wednesday nights at 11:30.

For his final year at Purchase, the arts management major has big plans for the show. With a successful Indiegogo campaign just completed, they'll use the funds raised to upgrade from webcams to actual cameras in the hope of making the visuals look more professional.

Cronin's ideal job after graduation is a full-time position in late night TV. While he acknowledges those jobs are scarce, his foot is already in a door. Cronin spends the bulk of his time until Wednesday nights working on PLN, then on Thursdays and Fridays, he's on the set of Saturday Night Live writing cue cards, a job landed serendipitously after he called SNL requesting a donation of blank cue cards.

The fourth and final season of Purchase Late Night will begin the first week of October on

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