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Brittany Henry '15 Discovers Herself Through Acting

While attending Manhattan's famed LaGuardia High School for Music & Art and the Performing Arts, Brooklyn native Brittany Henry '15 wondered if she was ready to dedicate a significant portion of her life to acting. She decided yes, enrolled in the Conservatory of Theatre Arts acting program, and hasn't looked back.

Henry recently answered some questions about her Purchase experience so far.

PC: How would you describe your experience at Purchase? What has it given you so far?
BH: I have not stopped learning since the moment I stepped into my first acting class. I am evolving as a person and as an actor. I appreciate working with my company members (students are accepted into the acting program as a company). They are sincerely my family. We keep each other strong, and hold each other up when we see that someone needs attention. I can't put into words the BFA Actor experience. I'd pay a person $100 if they could successfully describe this experience. It's really something that you have to be a part of to understand.

However, I can say that this program will change your life for the better. This conservatory is for the brave individuals who want to become independent, resourceful, creative, and to learn the skills to keep their craft sharp. Everyday you will have new discoveries.


PC: Who is(are) your favorite instructor(s)? Why?
BH: All of my professors are my favorite. Each of them is equally valuable. What I love about them all is their love for what they are teaching is very clear. They care about their craft and they are proud to extend the guidance to others. I feel that all of my professors I've had here are very special.


PC:What's the best piece of advice you've received so far?
BH: One piece of advice is at the point that you feel you are done, and you can't go on any more, CHOOSE to keep going. In doing so you begin to raise the bar on yourself. You challenge yourself. I'm always up for a challenge!   Another piece of advice is to relax and be.


PC:Do you have any other hobbies/passions outside of acting? How do you like to spend your time when you're not studying?
BH: I have a big appreciation for massage therapy and singing. I do a lot of both. I value experience over material things. I love spending time with my friends. This is surprising because I am with them for (on average) 13 hours of the day, every day in our acting classes.

PC: What is your greatest acting achievement to date?
BH: I consider my life at this moment my greatest achievement. I am always working on something, whether its "time" to work or if its "time" to take a break. I am putting myself through college without a loan in sight. I have two jobs and I am doing well for myself. I have goals and dreams that I am on route to accomplishing. My ultimate goal is to be happy and positive in whatever I am doing.

After Purchase, Henry hopes to further develop her acting craft while she pursues an education in massage therapy.

Brittany is proudly enrolled in Purchase College's Educational Opportunity Program (EOP).

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