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Identical Triplets from Orangeburg, NY to Attend Purchase This Fall

Date Released: 5/4/2011

The Flynn sisters Abigail, Bridget and Theresa are identical triplets and will become members of the Class of 2015. Bridget and Theresa will study Creative Writing. Abby will be in the New Media program. Details.

Triplets from Orangeburg, New York in Rockland County will be coming to Purchase College this fall.


The Flynn sisters Abigail, Bridget and Theresa are identical triplets and will become members of the class of 2015.  All are excellent students at Tappan Zee High School and have been involved in school plays and the Girl Scouts.  They have been very active in The Stage Left Children’s Theater and have appeared in many productions.


Over the years they have made appearances as actors and models on such  network television shows as Good Morning America, the Today Show and a segment of the Naked Brothers Band on Nickelodeon. 


Bridget and Theresa will study Creative Writing. They are both interested in writing careers and Bridget plans to be an author.  They will have ample opportunities to train in writing poetry and fiction through seminars, workshops, lectures by professional writers-in-residence and the creative writing faculty.


Abby will be in the New Media program and will minor in screenwriting a new program that is being introduced. She is very interested in the film industry and will have many opportunities to study all aspects of the profession.  Her program will emphasize interacting with digital media as a critical consumer and will provide opportunities for self expression through hands-on production.  Faculty and student collaboration is encouraged as well as  experimental and creative approaches to media production and distribution.


“We are thrilled they chose Purchase,” said Stephanie McCaine, Director of Admissions. “We have had twins before but not triplets as far as anyone can remember. We are happy to welcome them to the incoming freshman class. I think we’re all excited to see how they define themselves in the coming years. Their respective programs will certainly offer them interesting ways to collaborate.”


The triplets were among the 10,000 applicants for the 1147 slots for new students this fall. The creative writing program is very selective and only 20% of all applicants are admitted. 


“Purchase has great programs,” said John Flynn, the triplets Dad who is in business sales for AT & T. “The caliber of the school is excellent and it offered everything the girls wanted through its programs.”


He is also pleased the girls will have opportunities to be independent of each other at Purchase. “They were selected as “Best Friends “for their high school yearbook,” said Mr. Flynn but he is pleased they will live in different dorms with different roommates and so they can develop interests of their own.”  Mrs. Flynn is a substitute teacher and they have a 13 year old daughter at home.