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Art+Design Alum Andrea Cote Presents a Solo Show at Pan American Art Projects, Miami Oct. 13-Nov. 20

Date Released: 10/16/2007

Andrea Cote, who received her MFA in Sculpture from the School of Art+Design will be presenting a solo show at Pan American Art Projects in Miami October 13-November 20. On view will be Cut, a video performance and installation, and Cathexis, a series of photographs.

Cut is a meditation on time, loss and transformation. One wall features an hour-long video performance of the artist cutting her hair, section by section, painting it and pressing it onto a larger paper to create an immersive drawing. On the remaining walls the artist will print with the hair she cut off, leaving a trace of her presence.

In psychodynamics, “cathexis” is defined as the process of investment of mental or emotional energy in a person, object or idea. It is also the libido’s charge of energy. In the highly charged images of Cathexis, hair swims across the surface of the body and its surroundings in an evolving organic network that seems to have its own intelligence.

Andrea Cote is a multi-disciplinary visual artist raised in Miami, but currently based in New York. She has presented solo and collaborative installations and performances in Miami, Seattle, Philadelphia and New York. Venues included Art Center South Florida, the Dorsch Gallery, the Delaware Art Museum, the Rochester Contemporary, Jack the Pelican Presents, and the Rotunda Gallery. Her performance Hairbody was presented at the Print Center in Philadelphia in conjunction with the 2004 Philadelphia Fringe Festival. Her performance BodySite was presented at the Dumbo Arts Festival and –scopeMiami and will be presented later this fall in Buenos Aires and at Art Sites.